Aston Martin AM37: un bolide d’acqua


Aston Martin entra ufficialmente nel settore della nautica e lo fa durante il Monaco Yacht Show 2017, dove ha presentato l’AM37, un day cruiser da 37 piedi – realizzato in collaborazione con Quintessence Yachts – che unisce sportività ed eleganza in una combinazione tipica della casa automobilistica inglese.

1.040 cavalli, per una velocità massima di 52 nodi (100 km/h circa), divisi in due motori Mercury Racing da competizione; ma la vera esclusività risiede nell’estetica: l’AM37 unisce al meglio la tecnologia più evoluta nel campo nautico alla migliore tradizione artigiana del su misura, caratteristica ben nota nelle automobili firmate Aston Martin.

Governando l’AM37 vi sembrerà di essere all’interno di un abitacolo tipico delle supercar firmate Aston Martin: oltre all’impiego di pelle pregiata per volante e finiture, infatti, noterete anche un cockpit digitale da 15″, grazie al quale è possibile controllare il sistema di navigazione e di infotainment. È presente anche una cabina con divano letto matrimoniale e bagno con doccia.All’interno della cucina vi è un frigorifero e un televisore da 48 pollici che, tramite una videocamera, permette anche di visualizzare le riprese effettuate in tempo reale mentre si naviga.

Tutto lo scafo è realizzato in vetroresina multiassiale con inserti in carbonio e pannelli a scomparsa in fibra di carbonio, necessari a riparare l’imbarcazione dagli agenti atmosferici. Le linee affilate che garantiscono un aspetto decisamente grintoso, sono addolcite dagli eleganti rivestimenti in teak della prua pontata e del pozzetto.

Ad oggi, il prezzo dell’AM37 è considerato TOP SECRET.

Aston Martin officially joins the nautical industry and does so during the Monaco Yacht Show 2017, where it was launched the AM37, a 37-foot day cruiser – realized in collaboration with Quintessence Yachts – combining sportiness and elegance in a mix typical of the British cars company.

Every part of the AM37 has been refined and optimised. Each function of the boat has a rationale behind it… Nothing is simply ‘there’.

The sophisticated structural composition of the AM37 will meet your need for speed. The deep V hull is complemented by different steps in the hull, reducing surface contact with the water. A 10% lower resistance has been achieved without sacrificing comfort at lower speeds and a smooth run is assured.

The hull itself is made of high-tech composite with epoxy resin and carbon structural parts. Used in aircraft and aerospace applications as well as offshore racing boats, epoxy resin ensures strength, stiffness, durability and light weight.

The production process for the AM37 deploys state-of-the-art vacuum infusion technology and post curing. Vacuum infusion allows full integration of the structure and interior modules, which are made out of fibreglass sections.

The finite element method (FEM) ensures a sophisticated approach to the design of the boat and guarantees forces are not overloaded.

One of the many striking innovations on the AM37 is its unique sliding deck. This unprecedented feature makes it very easy for you to board your boat. What’s more, you can close everything off at the end of the day, ensuring protection against the elements and uninvited guests.

The deck consists of three carbon panels which can be operated electronically using the AM37 key, folding under the aft deck to uncover the cockpit. Once the cockpit is open, the aft deck slides back to allow for boarding or better use of the extending swim platform, with its teak floor and integrated ladder. The deck can also be tilted up to give access to the engine room, storage compartments and the carbon fibre bimini top.

For the first time ever, the finest sports car features have also been incorporated within the interior of a luxury powerboat. Redefining perceptions of elegance, the AM37 embodies the Aston Martin DNA in its use of the finest woods and materials. Every aspect is finished to such an immaculate standard that you will find it a genuine pleasure to relax below deck in this fully air-conditioned ambience.

For a boat of this size, the AM37 has a remarkably spacious and well-equipped interior. Layout highlights include a lovely sofa that converts into a double bed, a designer dining table with some very special edging, a bathroom with shower, and a small galley with microwave oven, Nespresso coffee machine and drawer-style refrigerator. The showpiece 48” LED television is integrated with the navigation system.

Two different versions are available:

The AM37

is a ‘gran turismo’ leisure powerboat with a maximum speed of around 44 knots, and premium-class quality and refinement. You have a choice between 2 x 370 hp Mercury diesels or 2 x 430 hp Mercury petrol engines.

The AM37 S

is fitted with twin 520 hp Mercury petrol engines for a maximum speed of up to 50 knots. It offers the ultimate sports driving experience on the water for every occasion, from a runabout to a superior commuter.



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